Active Directory Disaster Recovery

Webinar Recording

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There has been an increasing dependence on Active Directory for authorization and authentication of mobile workforce and cloud-base applications in recent years. With this higher level of dependency, the risks of AD disasters due to human error and cyberattacks have raised.


 In this webinar recording, Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole, Dan Blum discusses how the new AD usage landscape has introduced greater complexity to the enterprise IT environment, resulting in more risks of AD threats, such as ransomware. After this explanation, our Head of Product, Darren Mar-Elia touches on these possible disasters and gives you best practices on how you could recover your environment seamlessly if your forest goes down.


In this recording, you gain profound knowledge into:  


Understanding the threats to AD

How to secure your AD

Recovering from different disaster scenarios

About The presenters

Dan Blum

Senior Analyst | KuppigerCole

Dan Blum is an internationally-recognized expert in security, privacy, cloud computing, identity management and works as Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole. He develops Security Architects Partners’ business partnerships, creates content and leads consulting engagements. 

Darren Mar-Elia

Head of Product  |  Semperis

A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions.