WhoDunnit? - What You Should Care About in AD Auditing


About the Webinar

Active Directory auditing is critical for understanding what’s happening in your environment, but it’s more than just gathering thousands of events every day – it needs to be done in the context of what’s actually happening within your AD.

In this webinar, Darren Mar-Elia will cover what you can and should audit in order to protect Active Directory, including how Semperis' DS Protector can help you:

You'll Learn:

  • Prevent information overload

  • Sift through the clutter of AD events

  • Focus on the events that really matter

About the Presenter

Darren Mar-Elia, Head of Product, Semperis

A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions.

Webinar Recording