Directory Services Protector
for Active Directory

KuppingerCole Executive View Report


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Active Directory is an essential part of IT infrastructure for all large enterprises. AD security is vital for preventing data breaches, especially with the rise of AD-based cyberattacks. While the built-in solutions offer limited capabilities, Semperis fills the gap with the Directory Services Protector solution. The AD State Management and Real-Time Activity Dashboard allow for auditing, tracking, reverting changes and deletions in real-time. 

In this KuppingerCole Executive View, Senior Analyst Dan Blum, reviews the Semperis Directory Services Protector platform as a strong detection and recovery solution. Discover the DS Protector capabilities  such as: 


Track and rollback changes and deletions to AD objects and attributes in real time 

Answer the Who, What, Where, When & Why of AD Change Auditing 

Detect Critical Security Changes to your AD