Picking the right type of solution for Active Directory Backup and Restore

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About The Webinar

Backing up and restoring Active Directory Domain Controllers have caused headaches for many administrators and the age of the cloud has introduced new challenges and opportunities in this area. Solving these problems before they harm the enterprise is crucial, because often when AD goes down, the entire network becomes inaccessible. The two big pieces in AD continuity planning are replication and proper restores, which means you’ll need proper backups.

In this webinar, Microsoft MVPs Sander Berkouwer and Darren Mar-Elia discuss proper backups for Active Directory Domain Controllers. They will be sharing what solutions are on the market today to perform backups and how to pick the Active Directory Domain Controllers solution that serves as the foundation of your restore ambitions.

You’ll Learn  

  What to consider in AD backup and recovery    

  How to make sure that your AD backups and restores align with your needs

  3 main types of backup and recovery options  

About The presenters

Sander Berkouwer


Sander Berkouwer is an IT Professional and a Microsoft MVP in Directory Services. He works as senior identity consultant at SCCT in the Netherlands, where he helps colleagues and customers make the most out of Microsoft products, strategies and technologies. Sander blogs frequently about Active Directory

Darren Mar-Elia

Head of Product  |  Semperis

A 14-year Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, Darren has a wealth of experience in Identity and Access Management and was the CTO and founder of SDM software, a provider of Microsoft systems management solutions.